Semipublic workshop and public launch of the V1 prototype of the Berlin pilot

Event webpage (link)
On July 15th, Neighborhood Academy,  the Design Research Lab and the MAZI project invited the public to get to know our first prototype of a possible DIY network and to discuss topics related to the projects goals and environments. 
Consortium members from Zürich, Volos, London, Edinburgh and Berlin came together with researchers, activists, artists and other interested individuals and groups from Berlin to talk about the relationships between network technologies, civic action and digital commons. Questions under discussion included: Can we own and manage our data ourselves? Can neighborhoods entertain their own networks to support local needs and ideas? Can local DIY networks lead to new, local economies? Can we conceptualize an everyday live without Google and Facebook? Can I take part without having to be an expert?
A semi-public workshop was conducted throughout the day. The outcomes of this workshop, together with an introduction to the MAZI project and a demonstration of the first prototype was presented to a public of about 75 people in the late afternoon.
The event was attended by all members of the MAZI consortium, other invited guests included:
Anna Heilgemeir/ Robert Burghardt (Stadt von Unten), Enrico Schönberg (Mietshäusersyndikat), Angelica Levi (Artist), Michelle Teran (Artist), Ruschka Steininger (Artist/ L.A.Müller), Matthias Jud (Artist/ Wachter & Jud), Marco Clausen & Åsa Sonjasdotter (Nachbarschaftsakademie) among others.

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