Zurich, July 25-27, 2016 
Event webpage (link)
NetHood and INURA Zurich Institute, in the context of the MAZI project’s pilot “Kraftwerk1” hosted in Zurich two guests from Athens for a nomadic explorative workshop on co-operative housing. The goal was to start a long-term collaboration on a knowledge transfer project between Zurich and Athens on creative and collaborative ways to share space in the city. Between July 25 and 27, together with Dimitra Siatitsa (INURA Athens) and Constantina Theodorou (Co-app building), visited different local cooperative projects, like Mehr-als-wohnen, Zwicky areal, Kalkbreite, Kraftwerk1, Dreieck, Wogeno, met members of the recent NeNa1 cooperative, and participated in two open workshops (one at Kalkbreite and one at Kraftwerk1). 
We discussed about what is generic and what is context-specific in the conception, design and implementation of these cooperative housing and living projects in Zurich. We built all together a collaborative working document identifying certain important “variables” that can characterize a cooperative housing project: vision, bootstrapping, community building, legal framework, financing, governance and decision-making, sharing practices and social activities, important turning points, and more: http://mazi.inf.uth.gr:9001/p/zurich_housing_comparison
This process stimulated the represented local groups in Athens, Co-app building and INURA Athens, to develop similar projects inspired from and adapted to the Greek reality. For this, the discussion will continue at the Greek Pavillion of the Venice Architecture Biennale with the #ThisIsACo-op workshop “Co-housing Practices/ Building protocols for Athens”, http://thisisaco-op.gr/en/co-housing-practices-workshop/, supported by the MAZI project (see upcoming events).

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