Panayotis Antoniadis of the MAZI project gave a talk at a major event for software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate in February 2018. Every year, thousands of developers of free and open source software from all over the world gather at the FOSDEM event in Brussels.

Talk details: Urban places as nodes of a decentralized Internet. The MAZI toolkit and the platform

The MAZI toolkit,, is a DIY networking toolkit for installing, customizing, and deploying self-hosted applications on a Raspberry Pi as local web server (in a sense, a YunoHost focusing on small-scale community networks and a PirateBox opening up to self-hosted applications) that can help to create a wide variety of local networks effectively and democratically designed and governed by local communities. Such a tool can bring closer together self-hosted software and community networks, making both more accessible to a wider audience. Openki,, is a FLOSS platform for self-organized education that facilitates the creation of collaborative learning groups in the city. In this talk I will explain how these two can be combined to help build a decentralized Internet anchored in urban spaces and facilitate learning and trust building processes that are necessary for privacy, among others.

  • Presentation of the MAZI toolkit, including demo
  • Presentation of, including demo
  • Discussion on how they can be combined toward a more decentralized and privacy respecting Internet

Event details including video recording:

A related high-level talk is available online here:


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